Monday, September 8, 2014

I didnt like this design

I didn't like this design is what most of us as architect s must have heard once in a lifetime for sure.
How did you react? What comes to one's mind is very important how the project outcome shall twist. I shall share my experience for once.
We met a client who wanted his house design done from us, which was a medium size house n client comes from a corporate background. He mentioned to us that he would like to have a design which reminds him of his home ground, Kerala! We tried figuring out a design as the plan was pretty approved from municipality when it had come to us as the earlier architect failed to meet his demands. We did work and show him a design. When we also mentioned that please have a free mind to accept the outcome of design as we had restrictions due to approved municipal drawing ! He tried figuring out and then said "oh well its not come out well, OK I shall go with your idea of trying another option which can be a free design as you say!".
We did another option after much confirming with the order of the design to achieve with relevant features!
Well what outcome we got was approved by his wife and he was still like need much something added to it....what was to follow was more fun!
We had just wrapped up from the meeting and as the client left we had another client visiting us for his house requirement! It so happened that the earlier client' design 3D was open....this client peeped and said wow , whose house must be a lucky person! I just smiled at the thought of it!
Well today as I write this the client has left us and the project went halfway with us till part RCC was done and his father in law has popped in saying he can get the design more economical, faster delivery and hence we were stopped from going ahead. Their father in law went back to the earlier architect got rectification done got hold of a labour in charge and has commenced work!
God be with them to see what chaos and what instability they are causing to the skeleton where its broken remade broken remade !!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Need of talisman.....

We all believe of having a talisman in our life sometime or other. Evil eye keeping a watch on the part of you or your life that someone thinking bad about you need to think twice as evil eye will get you.
That's what all say, I guess they are right just that I dont believe in the tabiz, amulet, puja doing that when we have our family around us at all times.
Do you remember as kid when someone tried bullying you and from thin air your elder brother/ sister or mom or someone comes and says to back off. Well that's talisman for me

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Times have changed so has hands changed with money?

Times have changed, hands change money.....that was a thought everyone had till sometime back.
Well today time is still changing at a faster pace then we can think, but is the hand changing money that fast ...NO!
that shows in the construction & bullish market which has become sluggish now
We can see the people not celebrating the festive time which has been a important period in all Indian homes till date....just peep out and see , you will see the day is as routine as it can get...only little splash of colour here, a little dash of rocket there and maybe few fancy lights hanging outside the door.
who is to be blamed? 
we all have many names to think so, but i say its we who are to be blamed.
Look at how we have become a consumer, 1+1 we even think how much of all that material is required in our homes where our homes has a limit to stock & expand (expensive proposition till date :(...)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

trends in design

We all designers have come across clients with varied interests, understanding & exposure. Oh yes they also come with a band of requirements to fit in a 500 sq.ft flat which would nicely fit in a 1000 sq.ft. What has the economics done to us, what has estate agencies done to the asthetics. we call 12' x 10' as master bedroom !
Somewhere it does hamper one's design but new designer are also turning up & fighting odds. we have seen some foreign designers who make custom made designs to fit all the list in that tiny space & very well done. Look at the lavatory of an aircraft, look at the Dilip Chabbria designs they are doing it so can we.
What the clients need to understand here is that there is a boyce's principle(excuse spelling) in all aspects of life. You push the time taken for work down, you push the resources less & cost shall shoot up. they is always a boyouncy working at all points. Clients who insist all aspects that it should be at minimum cant get a great design. Aircraft Lavatory comes at a cost in a good time span with maximum resource at disposal.
Design trends fall out or in mostly due to such issues. Like in one site we used army wooden trunks with nice rubberwood as dining table at low cost, yet another site we did entire office in exposed MDf panels. they surely played a lot to asthetics & changed the trends too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Only If We had done it....

Oh yes, it sounds like a line out from a masala movie..but i wonder if we stopped complaining about the way things are and considered if we had done it then, how would have we done it. This will solve a lot in getting a good work done with your little twist in the thought, a little thought of time, a push in the mind, a pause at the heart!

Well, we hear people, friends talking about how someone died due to rash driving or if only he would had worn a helmet! In real life how many times we ignore the same and bluntly do it without following rules. Lets not give a reason to the authorities to encourage corruption by offering temptation but lets be the reason to get the good happen. We often look for a excuse why our design submission didnt happen.

That extra courage to tell a lie that extra stress on the mind to come up with a witty excuse makes us a hero of the day. If we had done it right probably with no excuse and that little push to work , a little push to brain to work harder would have won us glory for a lifetime in whatever we ought to do! Dont you think a satisfied me will find no reason to have a peaceful sleep !!

So let our conscious mind tell our sub conscious mind to wake up and find no excuses for time is one thing that heeds for no one, can we wish that only if we had done it....should be oh i done it!!